CP Emu


Welcome… to CPEmulator or CPEmu for short.


here is the link to register http://cpemu.pw/registration/

and to play http://play.cpemu.pw/en/

a couple screenshots





the rest looks like clubpenguin.. kinda……..

bye! design-7.png


Wow. its been so long.

Hi guys its APENGUIN221Z here 🙂 this is a post after like a year its almost 2014 i havnt posted all year! anyways stay tuned for videos maybe and more CPPS posts also DO NOT DOWNLOAD CPPS TRAINER! it has a virus i will be deleting the post for it. anyways. i need to go find the others talk to yah all later! bye!!!



Hey guys and girls

Eh I wont be posting a lot this summer, I will only be posting about some cpps because I’m going on vacation and I have to be more cautious about what kind of cpps’s I’m going on because my computer got messed up and I’m pretty sure it was from some cpps’s. So, let me say this people, make sure your cpps doesn’t have anything that can effect your computer