Exiled Effect Domain Change

Just a note to users who cannot get into Exiled Effect.

The website moves to ExiledEffect.net

The play is ExiledEffect.net/play

And the register can be found there.

Signing out.




New cpps

This cpps is called tropicalcpps so its a private server and owner is callum n im f=satff Callum is my friend and he is awsome i know a little abut callum here it is:

Callum likes to make his cpps popular he likes to play and he likes people to advertise hisite.

HHere is a screenshot

Bye~My bros 2


So as cpps.me was down for a long time like in april or may i went on it and i saw it was (Bye Superwho)  back dont re-register u dont need to here is a screenshot and if u want to meet me ill will be on the high server meet me on it somtimes im not on it so here is the screenshot:



Hello, I made this post to say: Do Not Copy CPPSHQ!

It’s not too hard to use your own words, is it?

+ There’s many haters our there with people that copy.

This blog is meant to be unique and different from CPPSHQ, to all the people that copied it.

Signing out,


New cpps

NOTE:The VPS is to be upgraded very soon, apologies for the temporarily slow loader.

NOTE:Penguin planet is havin some difficulties so when you register it say you penguin is not found.

Hello everyone.

I was scanning around the Club Penguin Private Server community and caught a private message from a friend, Stomp, from Rile5. He told me about Penguin Planet, his amazing new CPPS. At first, I didn’t believe him, but once I actually played, I was jaw-dropped. I personally love the user interface.

Rile5 is BACK!

So when i went on rile5 and its back it is back baby so Goto Rile5.com lots of people go on it and its a very popular SITE!

Bye~My bros 2


Edit: Only Rile5’s homepage is up now.

All the posts, and every other page connected to Rile5 is down.

And on the homepage, there is a  Cloudflare message.