I changed the theme, and the header changed.

It should be the same size, please reupload it.




Graphics Added!

Hello viewers,

today I have some good news!

Apenguin has created a new blog to buy graphics.

The site is pretty empty at the moment, but we will be sure to add more.

The website is


Edit: Alot more has been added! 

Check it out!


Hello, I made this post to say: Do Not Copy CPPSHQ!

It’s not too hard to use your own words, is it?

+ There’s many haters our there with people that copy.

This blog is meant to be unique and different from CPPSHQ, to all the people that copied it.

Signing out,


Some Changes

As in my other post I said I have made a new header.

I have added some more pages: A CPPS List and a Staff List.

I will add more private servers in the CPPS list soon.

As for the staff list, everytime a new member joins, it will be updated.

If someone is not there, they aren’t staff and they’re just a n00b looking for attention.

I hope you like what I did, and I will be changing more things in the future!