About Jake

I'm Jake. I like to play on CPPS's, I hate Disney for ruining Club Penguin I hate that Timmyboi ditched Atlantic Penguin, my favorite cpps right now is Ghetto Penguin (WHICH IS DOWN D:) and I like to make and help CPPSHQs.

Hey guys and girls

Eh I wont be posting a lot this summer, I will only be posting about some cpps because I’m going on vacation and I have to be more cautious about what kind of cpps’s I’m going on because my computer got messed up and I’m pretty sure it was from some cpps’s. So, let me say this people, make sure your cpps doesn’t have anything that can effect your computer


Not really a CPPS

Hey guys, this isn’t really a CPPS post, but I just came here to post about Wally…does anyone know why so many people hate him now? If so, comment below! His account was banned on a few servers, but I really want to know what happened? Can anyone tell me?

Airohash CPPS

Hey ladies and gentlemen, I an here to post another CPPS! This cpps is called Airohash! It is a very fun, and it is super custom! You can also turn into a big penguin by using the !ss 500 500 command!(I think thats the command) Also, it has a custom loader, a custom login and many more custom things! This CPPS is very fun, and you should go there if you like custom CPPS’s!

Blog: http://pro.airohash.com/blog/

Register: http://pro.airohash.com:1337/

Play: http://pro.airohash.com/go/

Cybium CPPS

Ladies and gentlemen, I’m here again to introduce you a new CPPS! I believe it was released someday on this weekend! The CPPS is called Cybium! It is still new, and I believe it is still in beta! So get your browsers ready, and start registering quick, before beta ends! Also, this CPPS may not be very customed, but its still kind of new, so give it a chance! Also, the CPPS now has ten servers! The owner will usually be on Cybium 9, in the town!

Website: http://blog.cybium.info/

Register: http://blog.cybium.info/?page_id=34

Play: http://cybium.info/play/

Penguin World V2

Hey, do any of you remember Penguin World? Well, Logan has brought Penguin World back up! It’s currently in beta, and you still have a chance of mod! Go apply quickly! Also, this CPPS is really fun, and it is recommended for you to go to. The staff are awesome, and will do everything they can, to help you!

Website: pwv2.tk

Register: Find it by entering the Website URL!

Play: Find it by entering the Website URL!