About mybros2

i love playin games and learning maths a lot a i like sleeping:)

My birthday

Hi people it ganna be my Birtday tomorrow cant wait ganna be 10 cant wait and well the is somthing bad thats happing I’m quitting cpps forever but i will still find cppses and play cppses a little im going on iPuffle



Well pCPPS was havin problems but its back

Here is a screenshot:                                        Bye_Mybros2

New cpps

This cpps is called tropicalcpps so its a private server and owner is callum n im f=satff Callum is my friend and he is awsome i know a little abut callum here it is:

Callum likes to make his cpps popular he likes to play and he likes people to advertise hisite.

HHere is a screenshot

Bye~My bros 2


So as cpps.me was down for a long time like in april or may i went on it and i saw it was (Bye Superwho)  back dont re-register u dont need to here is a screenshot and if u want to meet me ill will be on the high server meet me on it somtimes im not on it so here is the screenshot:


New cpps

NOTE:The VPS is to be upgraded very soon, apologies for the temporarily slow loader.

NOTE:Penguin planet is havin some difficulties so when you register it say you penguin is not found.

Hello everyone.

I was scanning around the Club Penguin Private Server community and caught a private message from a friend, Stomp, from Rile5. He told me about Penguin Planet, his amazing new CPPS. At first, I didn’t believe him, but once I actually played, I was jaw-dropped. I personally love the user interface.

Rile5 is BACK!

So when i went on rile5 and its back it is back baby so Goto Rile5.com lots of people go on it and its a very popular SITE!

Bye~My bros 2


Edit: Only Rile5’s homepage is up now.

All the posts, and every other page connected to Rile5 is down.

And on the homepage, there is a  Cloudflare message.